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Single Point of Service(SPS)

"Single Point of Service" (SPS) is a new concept that is unique to The Accounting Outsource Center (The AOC). It provides clients with a comprehensive package of services for a single price per unit.

By using The AOC all the services you need to efficiently manage your association are provided by a single vendor. If you were to start a new business you would need the following services:

Each of these services has an initial cost and subsequent maintenance and support costs.

With The AOC all of these services are included under the 'Single Point of Service' umbrella and billed at a fixed monthly bill amount.

Software as a Service(SaaS)

'Software as a Service' (SaaS) refers to the internet based software application. With SaaS you pay a monthly subscription fee to use the application. You then need to determine that you have the employees necessary to support your business process. You would need employees to perform all the required accounting functions such as applying cash receipts, generating accounts payable checks, generating the monthly billing, performing month end processing and generating accurate financial statements.

The AOC goes beyond just providing the software application. It also provides the actual processing of your data so you do not have to hire and train additional employees.

'Single Point of Service' is an all-inclusive service. Which includes:

For a comprehensive list of services click this link.

The AOC provides property managers and real estate investment managers with an all-inclusive service unmatched anywhere in the industry. That is why The AOC represents the latest trend in property management services and technology.