The AOC Property Management


Take your company to the forefront of property management technology !!

The Accounting Outsource Center (The AOC) is the leader in providing the management tool property management companies and home owner associations need to efficiently manage their association(s), have quick and easy access to the information they need and at the same time provide their members with enhanced services.

The AOC is an internet based property management service designed specifically to support property management companies, home owner associations, condos, and coops. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide comprehensive accounting and software services to support all of your property management requirements.

Why property management companies and home owner associations use The AOC:

Below is a summary of the benefits available:

  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management
  • The AOC Property Management

Property Manager Benefits

Managing the accounting and processing for multiple associations is a daunting task. You need to be able to access information for each association easily and quickly. Now with The AOC you no longer have to worry about billing, cash receipts, financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, maintaining software or updating websites. The AOC performs all your accounting, reporting and data processing. You have all the information you need for each association, available whenever and whereever you need it.

Board Benefits

Board members now have easy access to the information they need to effectively manage their community. As a board member you have access to your association's reporting which includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, financial analysis and financial statements. You will now be able to send bylaw violation notices, establish employee work schedules, post meeting minutes and easily communicate with members via texts or emails. The AOC performs all your accounting and processing so now you are able to focus on managing your community.

Member Benefits

All members of your association receive a secure login to our internet based application. This allows members to have access to the information they need in order to be informed members of their community. Information available includes: association bylaws, insurance information, financial statements, meeting minutes and a member directory. In addition they have the ability to participate in online voting, vendor ratings, submission of online service requests, a community bulletin board and a personal calendar and phone list. The AOC is the only company that provides all of these services to association members.

WHY The AOC....

The AOC is a comprehensive internet based application designed by a CPA with over 25 years of financial systems' experience. Combining this experience, with property management specialists and individuals with extensive experience serving on association boards, we developed a property management application that supports the unique requirements of HOA’s, Condos and COOPs. The AOC, represents the future of property management.

Advantages of using The AOC

The AOC is a state of the art property management system. There are NO hardware or software requirements, NO additional maintenance fees and we provide complete support for converting and loading all your existing data. Once complete members will then be able to access association information and participate in communiy notifications. You even have the option of continuing on your existing system while running a free trial of The AOC.

Implementing The AOC

Once you sign on with The AOC we will work with you to decide what data needs to be transferred. As part of our service we have developed a complete set of data import utilities that allow us to quickly format and load your data from any system. We import member data, financial data, receivable transactions and vendor data. When the implementation is complete members receive an email describing how they can logon to The AOC.

The AOC and why it makes sense

With The AOC all accounting functions are done for you and all the information you need to efficiently run your association is accessible anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. The AOC COSTS MUCH LESS than your current service but provides so much more functionality and operational support.

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