The AOC Property Management

About The AOC.....

As the maze of technology continues to become more complex business owners are struggling with trying to determine which software option represents the best solution for their business. At The AOC we take the complexity and confusion out of this decision making process by being a 'Single Point of Service' provider.

What this means is that Home Owner Associations and Property Management companies can find answers for all their process requirements by using a single company, The AOC.

Our focus is on four specific areas:


The AOC performs all your accounting functions for you. The system was designed by a CPA with over 25 years of financial system's design experience. The AOC performs all your business functions and generates the comprehensive reporting you need to monitor and manage your operations. This means your primary focus is not on balancing debits and credits but rather on managing your business and providing an enhanced service to your members.


You no longer have to try and determine what software is the best fit for your business and what hardware is compatible with your software. With The AOC there are NO hardware or software requirements. The only requirement is an internet connection. So whether you are in the office or at a board meeting, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the information you need. Since The AOC is an all inclusive service you no longer have to pay for and install system upgrades or look for web developers to design, develope and implement your websites. We do all this at NO additional cost.

Multiple Levels

As a Property Management company you understand the need to have access to your data at different levels:

By allowing access to the system at multiple levels, The AOC addresses the requirements of ALL users.


By using a 'Single Point of Service' provider, your business process just became a lot simpler. You NO longer have to search for a variety of different vendors to support your business requirements. The AOC provides you with a comprehensive, fully integrated business process which eliminates the need to support a fragmented, multi-vendor processing environment.

Call The AOC today at 845-621-5087 with any questions you may have, so you can begin to experience the benefits and cost savings associated with using a 'Single Point of Service' provider.