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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum number of units a home owner association or a property management company must support to be a client of The AOC?

Typically we prefer a minimum of 30 units. However if you have an issue with this limit, please call The AOC at 845-621-5087. There is no maximum number of units The AOC will not support.

What does The AOC charge?

The AOC charges $12.50 per unit, per month. So if your association has 50 units you would be billed $625.00 per month. Far less than your current service provider is charging you. It is important to note that we only charge for active units. There is also a one time setup fee of $500.00 per association. Please review the next question for an explanation of additional charges that may apply.

Are there any additional charges besides the monthly unit rate of $12.50?

The only additional charges to your organization are for payroll processing and postage. Although all the payroll input and reporting is completed by The AOC, payroll checks and W2"s are generated by an external vendor. We have a direct interface with the vendor which gives us the ability to send and receive data. The charge is based on the number of employees your organization has and is only billed when you have payroll activity. There are charges to members related to payment of their monthly association fee. This would include charges for payments rejected due to insufficient funds. Postage is limited to mailing of accounts payable checks. Since The AOC is internet based all member communications are performed online.

Are there any organizational process changes required by The AOC?

Yes. When using The AOC we strongly encourage organizations to implement a December 31 year end financial close. In addition, we prefer all members use the electronic payment option provided by The AOC. By using our online application you can easily setup this feature. Members also have comprehensive reporting available which indicates all the activity in their account.

Call The AOC today at 845-621-5087 to schedule a demo so you can begin to experience the many benefits associated with using a 'Single Point of Service' provider.